Eat Create Sleep is a game studio situated in the medieval town of Visby, Sweden. Our focus is on innovative gameplay experiences with a lot of heart and meaningful themes. We ask tough questions with our games and let the player explore the answers.

The Eat Create Sleep Ensemble

Alex Sporny Game Designer
Baris “Peace” Biçak Programmer
Danielle Unéus Producer
Elliot Padazakos Programmer
Ioana Parosu Producer
Jasper D’Aniello Community Developer
Johannes Häggqvist CTO, CFO, Senior Architect
Kieran Kharin Programmer
Madeleine Petersson Head of Studio
Martin Greip CEO, Art Director, Creative Director
Maximilian Lund Lead Artist
Moa Bruus UX Designer, Artist
Tobias Larson Lead Technical Artist