18 of April, 2014



We're still waiting to hear from Nordic Game Program if we'll get some funding or not, and this will impact our schedule greatly as I've stated before. If we're not able to secure the money from NGP we will have to start our crowdfunding campaign prematurely. We will only be able to show our prototype for you all. But if we get the money we will be able to complete a proper proof of concept version which we're confident would show you the good ideas in the best light.

But let's move on. So what have we been up to since last week? Well, I've been busy with working with the representations for the world, such as the blocks for building a procedural city. A farm, some trees, some stones. A lot of lowpoly goodness.


Other than that I've been hovering behind Christoffer and making nagging comments about his work, the usual art director business. But most of the time there is only praise to be given. He's done a really good job with our one-size-fits-all character rig which all our characters will share. No, don't worry. We won't have five animations shared by all our characters. But we'll share as much as we think is reasonable. We want to have a big mileage for some of our work in order to save time. But Christoffer will elaborate on this in a future post!


Roland has been making good progress with our music and audio, and I'm sure he will share his experiences shortly. He's been tinkering with our dynamic audio system as well which Johannes did. And speaking of our lead programmer he's been researching how the computer will interpret the commandments. A post about that will get here sooner or later.

Oskar has been occupied with finishing one of the most important aspects of our prototype, the code for the followers. How their life philosophy works so to speak. If you don't get what that's all about, don't worry. Oskar will bring you up to speed shortly. But a great place to start would be watching the section in Life of Brian where the prophets spread their beliefs.

Yup, a lot of promises of people to tell you things. Let's hope they deliver. Have a good weekend.