11 of April, 2014


As the temporary producer  I'd like to explain the outline of what we're trying to achieve and with what means.

Crest began as an ambitious project with its aesthetics, but with a minimalistic implementation. We discussed making it modular, so if we didn't get any more people soon we could still work on it on some level. The initial plan for Crest was to make it in 2D, but when the team expanded the ambitions rose accordingly. So now we're making a procedural 3D world with dynamic soundtrack and ambience. And even though the scope has expanded we're only producing a proof of concept for now.

In October Oskar and I put Among Ripples on hold since we needed to focus on our new project, but thanks to the addition of Johannes we could finish it, since it was mostly programming left. So Among Ripples was finished during the pre-production stage of Crest. Now with AR out the door we can focus on our next project.

As many start-ups deal with we have to worry about our economic situation. Right now we're working for free. Though we have several plans to remedy that, the first one being Nordic Game Program, which could give us enough money to finish a polished proof of concept version of the game. The plan after that would be to finish it with the help of crowdfunding and alphafunding. If we won't get the Nordic Game Program support we will initiate the second and third step earlier, probably this summer. We might turn to other sources of money as well, as long as they keep us independent and in creative control.

But enough about economic hardships. The feedback for Among Ripples have been very interesting so far on several of the outlets we've uploaded it to. And I want to remind you that we wish to get the game greenlit on Steam. If you like it and think it deserves to be played for free on that platform, please vote for us.

Oh, and we're looking for a full-time producer. If you're fluent in Swedish please contact us. I'd rather focus on being the art director, and help with the game design.

Stay tuned for more, and thank you for the support so far!