1 of May, 2014


You see 2 of 4 microphones, the bass mic and the overhead microphone. I use a matched stereo pair Rode NT-5a. They are connected to a Zoom handy recorder, where I use the L/R capsule to capture the acoustic in what seems to be my garage ;)

I chose this way of "improvising" and playing live due to having tried and tested (and failed) quite a few ways to implement a unique in-game language into Crest. I tried gibberish, vocoders, samples but in the end, none of it had the body and soul I really needed for the game. At last, during writing the sequences for the priestly dances, I got the idea to actually use drums as the mean communication feedback in Crest. We'll see how it turns out. Meanwhile, give the result a listen & comment on soundcloud!