24 of November, 2017


Today it's just you and me. In order to not distract people from their work I decided to do this week's Dev Blog alone, but I can sum up the week in a nutshell for you: 

Emma & Martin: working on the trailer
Emelie & Marcus: playtesting
Johannes, Tomas, Jens & Johannes W: bug fixing

We're all giving our best to deliver a polished build until next Tuesday, which will be our finale module launch before we transition into the pre-release phase and we'll start releasing updates/patches every 2-3 weeks. The perfect time to look back again how far we've come in the last 4 (!) years.

It's no secret, if you've read the Development History of Crest, you know about all the hardships we've been through - from the initial hype to bankruptcy and now; our Indian Summer - we always pushed through.

It's incredible to see how much Crest has changed since the beginning. You can still check out our initial prototype over at Gamejolt to see for yourself. Here's a small montage how Crest evolved over the years up until the Exploration Module:


Like many of you, when I first played Crest I saw the potential it had and was very fond of the philosophical approach to the classic god game genre but everything had still been very raw. Now, with the release of the Community Module, we're getting one step closer again to fulfill that potential.

I'm pretty sure you'll will be impressed by how much the game has evolved in the last four months but also bare in mind: it's still early access, we're not finished. There will be performance issues, bugs and unbalanced features that will get smoothed out over timee.

But we've only come so far thanks to the support and feedback of all of you, hence the name of the module; to commemorate you. Most of the new features and improvements in the module are based on suggestions from you. So please keep that feedback coming to make Crest even greater in the coming months.

Next Tuesday a new era will start. Until then, keep updated by following us on Twitter & Facebook or have a chat with us on our verified Discord server.

I wish you all a splendid weekend!