15 of February, 2018


What a rollercoaster the past few years have been! We’re super excited though to finally announce the launch date for Crest, which will be on March 8th 2018!

We’ve been very busy the past months and below you can see all the updates, which are going to be in the release build. Right now we’re polishing & balancing everything to get it as smooth as possible until launch.

Crest is a game that is never truly finished and we want to keep expanding the game with your ideas for as long as possible after launch. In order to do so we need a little bit of help from you. We’ve put together a list on how you could support Crest:

Support Crest

Now for the waaay too long list of the coming gameplay updates. Bear in mind that the list does not include any technical updates or fixes and focuses on the new gameplay changes only. Enjoy the read & thanks for being a part of our Community. <3





Commandment and Word Tablet